MICHAEL T. PEÑA – Batch ’83 University of Santo Tomas College of Architecture and Fine Arts.

“Strive for excellence, never compromise”, this has been my battle cry for all the projects that we have undertaken. My first Design-build project started in 1989 when a client of mine requested that I undertake the project as well as the design because of his bad experience in the past wherein the design was nice but the end result was a disaster. He told me that no one can do the project better except the designer himself, and the accountability of trust between Architect-Owner is far greater.

It has been almost 20 years now that I have been in this field and after over a hundred projects, this has become a passion for me, always striving for the best end result, updating our knowledge all the times for the pursuit of excellence in our chosen career. The greatest compliment I always get is when a client calls us for another project or refers us to their friends, I believe that our works are the best advertisement for us. Design-build makes us really fulfilled because we are involve right from the very inception of the project to the time we turn over the keys to the satisfied client, it involves not only time and effort but we pour our heart and soul into it up to the last nail.

The training and knowledge that we have acquired from our alma mater has indeed put us were we are right now that’s why my eldest son, Paul Peña is now an architect, believing that the path to success is the road that I took, hence, let this be an inspiration to many that we should not be tired of striving for excellence, for the due time, we will reap the harvest if we do not give up.