Mike Pena’s house by the sea

The last UZ episode featured this beautiful house by the sea in Bataan. It was built and designed by Mike Pena, an architect we’ve featured many times. This project was special because he worked with his own son Paul, who recently got his own architecture license. And even more special because it is his own weekend home.

The property has a steep 10-metre drop in a 600 square metres (approx) with a view of the sea. Mike did what he does best – cluster-type architecture so that each room would have a beautiful view. I love the wide eaves that hang over the walls, giving the rooms shade and protection from direct sun. This was a fun house to feature.

Here are some photos. Pardon the watermarks. I have to do that now..

The facade is deceiving – looks like a two storey house.

Back of the house

Stairs that leads to the second-floor balcony, which is actually exposed outdoors. This is another reason why this glass house is not a heat trap. Lots of cross-ventillation, hence the windswept hair.

“Bridge” connecting the two clusters

Master bedroom and bathtub with a view

6-inch pool on roof of master bedroom

The wading pool isn’t just for aesthetic purposes (it’s only 6 inches high). It actually has a cooling effect on the bedroom underneath it.