Resort House Espiritu

Every week I get to visit an interesting house because of Urban Zone. Last week, I saw an incredible one! Apparently I wasn’t the only one impressed with the structure and design. I got a ton of tweets in my twitter and comments on the UZ facebook fan page.

The architect who built and designed the place was Mike Pena. I’ve seen his own house. He likes modern tropical living. He also has some award-winning bonsai plants. His love for landscaping, horticulture and the environment rubs off on his projects. With Mike Pena’s work, you see that this architect works with the contour of the land; and the building makes sense in relation to the site.

I’m sharing a few photos during my shoot. I could have shot more detailed photos but because the property/structures were so huge, I didn’t have time to take pictures. The place was so big, it felt like had a work out. The property is around 800+ square metres. What’s unique is the elevation – 10 metres high and steeply sloping. Mike Pena had to design the structures in a terrace-like manner.

The beauty of the place can’t totally be captured by photographs. I also didn’t have a wide lens. I miss my Nikon D90. It’s in camera purgatory. Imagine, a brand new DSLR. Conked out and apparently being “fixed.” Anyway, I do hope you enjoy the photos anyway…

This is in front of the house, but because its elevated (on the second floor) it is hardly visible from the ground. The louvers help block out direct sun and also offer a bit of privacy. I see a lot of “modern” and industrial-style homes with lots of glass. But a lot of home owners skip the sun protection (by louvers). It makes a world of difference. You don’t want direct sun hitting your windows. And I think its an interesting feature.

This wall has wood cladding using 5 types of wooden beams. The architect used wood in an undulating pattern to create softness and break the monotony of a flat wall. The wood gave softness and a touch of “organic” amidst all the glass, concrete and stone.

You have to go up a few sets of stairs before “entering” the house. But there’s actually no front door. Everything is open. I like the wood in the wall. Mr. Pena used wood veneer to line the wall.

And this is what you see… a glimpse of the pool and courtyard. There are two clusters joined together by a bridge and deck.

Apparently this is the part of the house that’s used the most, the deck connecting the living room and dining room. The wall in the back is made of travertine marble (which is technically a form of limestone but is popularly known as “travertine marble”.) The darker stone tile is actually a waterfall. On top of that is a jacuzzi which overflows into the waterfall.

I must have said “wow”, “awesome”, and “oh my gosh” a hundred times.

From the pool, walking to the dining room

The dining room. Chairs by Benji Reyes.

The gym! On the 5th floor of the first building.

video here

The rec room on the 5th floor of the second building.

Walk-in closet with blue lights. I zeroed in on the bags…

Hope you enjoyed the episode. Thank you for staying up past your bedtime to watch Urban Zone. UZ airs every Sunday night on ABSCBN after Sunday’s Best. And ofcourse, also on TFC.

By the way I’d like to thank the Philippine Real Estate Festival for giving our team a certificate of excellence. Thank you!!! (Sorry I couldn’t personally pick up the award. I was only informed of the honour the night before. I already had a prior commitment.) Other awardees were Jun Palafox for his work as an architect and urban planner and Senator Bong Bong Marcos for the windmills in Ilocos Norte. Thank you!